Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'm going to take a chance and post something that I wrote. It's the beginning to a story I just started. A little history first. Way back in 1999, I started a story that I'm still slaving over. It's the thing that I can't let go of. But I don't think it's publish worthy anymore. So my brilliant mind decided to do a rewrite, of sorts. The basic plot is the same. The setting is reversed. The characters are younger, and will probably all have different names. But here's the beginning. I don't have any followers yet, so there's a pretty big chance no one will even read this. In which case I'll be no worse off than I am now.

PS This was all done on an iPhone, so please excuse any typos or other weirdness.
One of the hardest things I ever had to do was leave Texas. It wasn't like I had much choice. Three months shy of eighteen and sans a high school diploma left me with few options. So I packed up what was left of my life and drove to Illinois to live with my aunt and uncle, and a cousin who I'd seen only twice in my life. The first time had been when we were about eight. The last was after my parents' funeral.

Everybody expects to outlive their parents. But you also expect them to watch you graduate high school and college, get married and have kids before it happens. I hadn't done any of thosethongs yet. And my parents were already gone. It really was t fair. Maybe I was more anxious to leave home than I thought. I could escape all the symp
athetic stares and 'oh poor you' speeches. I knew they were gone. I didn't need the constant reminders.

Not to mention that any support system I thought I had was gone. My friends had suddenly decided they didn't know how to act around me anymore, so they all stopped coming around.

Maybe leaving wasn't so hard after all.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I don't mind covering phones at lunch because usually it means everybody is gone and I don't really have to work if I don't want to. It's like having an extra lunch. And I'm actually working in between typing sentences, so it's all good. But I just got a papercut reaching for something off the printer, so that's not cool.

My bridesmaid dress is in (my brother is getting married next month). I'm excited to see it (in about an hour), but I'm a little nervous. The colors scare me a little. Or what I think the colors will be. So maybe once I see them, it won't be so bad. Here's hoping anyway.

I'm really not looking forward to going outside anyway. It's 91 degrees. With a heat index of 105. So that's fun. Which reminds me...I should be checking out heating and cooling places in the area to see about getting quotes for a new system in my house. I can't handle broken a/c.

Monday, July 26, 2010


So I've been thinking about what I want to make this blog about. I decided I can't be a book blogger because it takes me too long to finish a book and I write crap reviews. Which led me to think maybe I should blog about my wife and mother duties. But that's not very exciting. I tried to blog about my crafting hobby. That didn't last long...but neither did the hobby.

I guess you'll get a little of everything. I have a tendency to ramble on about random things. For instance, I just noticed that myself and two co-workers are all wearing different shades of green shirts today. Not something that anyone really cares about (myself included), but it gives me something to write about.

Anyway, I'll begin by introducing myself. My name is Beth. I'm...getting older. I'm married with two kids, R & S, boy and girl, ages almost 5 and almost 3. My husband is a farmer (obviously) and I work as a credit analyst for a company that manufactures broadcast equipment. I've always been a reader and a closet writer. I very seldom share what I write, but I decided this year I want to get published. Which will probably never happen because I'm holding myself back. I suddenly decided the only finished piece I had wasn't good enough to send to anyone. I've only been working on it since I was in college, but whatever. There are plenty of other things I've written that are better. Now I have to find the time to finish, revise...

Yeah. I'm a pessimist too, by the way. And an insane lover of chocolate. And an iPhone junky. Very amateur photographer. Lover of sunrises and sunsets. Habitual buyer of books (mostly YA) I don't have enough time to read, and flip flops I'll never wear.

I've never broken a bone. I got married at a little chapel in Vegas. I've always lived on a farm. I use that a lot in my writing. I like music. I'm eagerly awaiting September 28th and the new release from Jimmy Eat World, who have had more hits than just "The Middle."

And that's all I've got for now. Because I'm supposed to be working...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogging is Hard

I've tried it a few times, but I just can't get the hang of it. Maybe I should just give up? But what's the fun in that. I like to have my random musings out there for the world to see. Sort of :-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The last thing I needed to do was set up another blog...and yet, here I am!