Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Bro's Wedding

My little brother got married over the weekend. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this because, to me, he's still like 16 or something. Maybe because most of the time, he still acts like he's 16. But that's not the point.

I spent a better part of the reception drunk out of my mind. I do that maybe once a year, if that. So you can imagine how I felt the next day. It wasn't pretty. But it's almost worth it. I'm not going to say everybody should go out and get drunk, but here is why I like to...I'm normally shy and reserved and not a big party animal. Give me a little alchol, and I'm the life of the party. In a good way. I'm not the girl dancing topless on the table. I'm talking to everybody and dancing and having a good ol' time. I'm not worried about what I'm going to say or how I look, which is usually the case. Because I'm too uptight and self-conscious.

Here's what I did at the reception...and keep in mind, this all happened after I sent the kids home with my in-laws...I talked to several people I hadn't spoken to since high school. Mostly because I hadn't seen them since high school. Found out later that one guy told my brother more than once that he'd always thought I was cute, but I was too quiet. So I could've had another date in high school :-)

Then I talked to an ex I hadn't spoken to since we broke up. I was obviously drunk and I think he laughed at me the whole time. But it was cool. I probably wouldn't have talked to him otherwise because it would've been awkward. The drunk part takes away all the awkward because it's just comedy.

Um...I chugged a couple beers with one of the bride's friends. She went with us on the bachlorette party trip and she wasn't my most favorite person. But we were "friends" for a while because she asked me to chug a beer with her and I did it. I think that's what did me in! Damn her.

I danced a little, not as much as I normally would have, though. There was a lot of ghetto booty shaking that I could not have kept up with out there. I was too busy talking outside. Probably loudly. But it was okay.

Like I said, I'm not encouraging anyone to run out and drink a six pack just to see what it feels like. It's a fleeting sensation anyway. But it's fun while it lasts.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's 95 degrees outside. Not sure about the heat index, but it feels pretty nasty. Still no a/c at my house. One more quote tomorrow and then the farmer will be forced into making a decision. No way around it.

Anyway, the trip went well. The traveling wasn't as bad as I was expecting, which was good. But it never is. And it was fairly easy to drive around Tampa also. That helped. The GPS made it easier, but the map was pretty useful too. The farmer got a little irritable toward the end, but that was to be expected. He doesn't do well after any amount of time away from home. His family never really took vacations when he was growing up. Not that mine did. But we took road trips occasionally. Mostly to tractor pulls.

Okay, well this entry isn't as long as I planned and it's basically about nothing because I have to get back to work!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ready for the weekend

I'm not a travler. At all. The last time I was on a plane was in 2004. It's not that I don't want to, but we aren't a vacationing family (that translates to "my husband is a tight wad"). So we don't even take day trips. But the packing is the worst. I'm not a good packer. Because I overpack. Always. I'm going to Florida for work next week. I'll probably pack a sweater because that's what I do. I'll pack three books when I know I won't have that much time to read (I'll only be gone a couple days). I'll pack my journal and at least two other notebooks, just because. I will pack the camera and every spare battery I have, just in case, along with all the power cords. I bought a GPS unit specifically for this trip. To practice, I used it to get to work. And yesterday I used it when I picked up my car from the repair shop. What's the point of a GPS for someone who doesn't travel?!

So I keep telling myself, you don't have to pack everything! You don't want to pack everything because you want to have room to bring the kids back souveniors! You don't want to lug that heavy suitcase around! Anything you forget, you can most likely buy when you get there! So on and so forth.

Also, I get generally uptight when traveling. Every six months, I have to take my son to St. Louis for a check-up. That's a two and a half hour drive and it makes me tense. We have to fly out of St. Louis. So there's the drive tension, and the fly tension on top of that. Plus, I'll have to listen to the husband complaining about how much everything costs. Even though work is paying for mine. Ha!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


It looks like a file cabinet threw up on my desk. Hate days like this. But that's okay. Because I like paper. I don't mind my computer, but paper is better. When it comes to writing, that is. Almost every story I've written has been handwritten. Because I like doing it the old fashioned way. However, I think if I had a laptop, I might be more inclined to use it because it's portable. But for now, a real notebook is the most portable thing around.

I think it helps that I have an insane paper collection. Is there a word for somebody that compulsively buys school supplies? Because that would be me. My kids have more crayons than they will ever need. I have more notebooks than I will ever use. Part of that stems from my crafting phase. I like to "redesign" notebooks. I have several comp notebooks that have been recovered with scrapbook paper. At one point, I was maybe going to sell them on Etsy. But I don't have any more time for that than I do for writing a novel.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ebook Debate

I have a really bad headache right now, but I wanted to get this entry in. Not sure why as I have no followers. Guess this is yet another blog for me.

There's a lot of talk these days about ebooks versus real books. Personally, I still like real books. I have an iPhone, and I have several ereader apps on it. I don't favor one over the other, but it's very hard for me to read on that tiny screen. However, I can't justify spending another couple hundred bucks on a Kindle or Nook or whatever. I would rather spend that money on books! Doesn't that make sense? Because you have to buy the device and then buy the ebooks that seem to cost the same as the regular book. If they were cheaper, then I might consider it. But, for now, I prefer to have the actual printed book in my hands.

The other thing is that I have the habit of downloading the ebook and forgetting it's there. This could be said about my ever-expanding library of real books too. I've been trying to use my Good Reads lists to keep track of what I have. It's hard, though. I'm not the most organized person in the world, either.

So, give me an actual printed copy of a book any day.