Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Sucks

I feel bad for Monday. It has such a bad reputation. Is it all in my mind that this day really sucks? Do I set myself up for suckage when I wake up thinking "Hey, it's Monday. It's not going to be a good day." Probably. But whatever.

Let me just wallow in it for a moment, if you will. I believe my last post was on the unfairness of birthday policies at work (ie how they are unfair to me). Because of that, I skipped out on a surprise birthday party for that co-worker on Saturday night. I was all set to go, but then my kid got sick. Really. Or at least, Grandma thought she was sick but she really wasn't.

Anyway, so today, all I'm hearing is talk of how great the party was and how much fun everybody had. That's all well and good, but it's further proof that some people in this office are just better friends.

So now it's got me thinking that I'm not as good of friends with these people as I thought I was. Which is funny because my mom was telling me that my aunt said the other day that she didn't have any friends. And my mom feels the same way. We all have each other, but we're family. So does count? Or were we born with some kind of inability to make really, really good friends? Because, I'll be honest, I have one person in the whole wide world who I consider my friend. She's my BFF. I found her in middle school and we've been together ever since. Sadly, she lives in another state. So I can call her up, but it's not the same as going out for lunch once a week.

I guess I'm a little jealous for having to listen to all the friendships here that I am not a part of, no matter what I might think. No more trying to fit in for me. I was born a loner and I will always be a loner.

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