Monday, September 13, 2010


Today we celebrated a co-worker turning 40. I've been in a huff all morning because I turned 30 last year and I'm pretty sure I got diddily. I shouldn't be so petty about it. Especially since I can't remember for sure and I have no journal entry anywhere to back me up. I probably brought in treats like we're supposed to do for our birthdays and that was it. Apparently the rules are different for "milestone" birthdays because we were supposed to bring treats in today. I didn't because a) I was busy all weekend and b) I must've misunderstood the message.

So I just need to get over it, really. But it leaves me a little...irritated. I mean, I thought we were all pretty close here. I know we don't all get equal treatment on other things (which is wrong)...I guess it applies to birthdays too.

Whatever. I'm done.

I went to Hobby Lobby during lunch. I hadn't been there in a while. I wasn't really looking for anything in partiuclar, but I like to wander around and get crafty ideas. I found an aisle of pretty office accessories, like file folders and clipboards and mouse pad notepads. Some of the stuff I looked at, I thought "I can make that!" But sometimes it's so much easier to buy it.

But I want to make more bookmarks. Lots of lots of bookmarks. Will I get more blog followers if I offer free bookmarks?

The other thing I'm making...keychains. I've been saving bottle caps (Mike's Hard Lemondade, beer, Orange Crush, etc) and waiting for a sign of what to do with them. And, lo and behold, my mom needed a keychain. My latest craft was born. Go me.

One last paragraph, I swear. The writing thing has perked up a little. No major progress, but pages are being written. So that's something. Hopefully I can keep it up.

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