Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Which I Ramble...again

In the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’, Jamie gives Landon a book that belonged to her mother. In it, she had collected quotes and poems, etc. In the book version, it was a bible where she had marked her favorite passages. I liked the quote book idea. So way back when, I started my own collection. I have movie quotes, song lyrics and famous quotes. I have poems and things clipped from magazines. It’s grown from a small notebook to two small notebooks and an assortment of inserts.

My book also includes a list of helpful hints, things that I’ve learned and would like to pass along. Maybe my children will be interested someday. Who knows? There’s also a list of my favorite things. I’m not sure when I actually started the list because I think it includes my first vehicle in high school (’79 Chevy truck). The only reason I was thinking about it today is because I decided I *must* have French fries for lunch. I have a mad craving for French fries. McDonald’s are my favorite. They are very nearly perfect. Wendy’s are always soggy and sometimes cold. I can only eat the fries from Dairy Queen when I get the chicken strip basket because they must be dipped in the gravy. I don’t eat at Burger King enough to know if theirs are any good. I don’t think we have any other fast food places that serve fries. Restaurant fries are a whole other post.

What was my point? Oh, French fries. Favorite things. I have to make sure I had McDonald’s French fries to my list of favorite things when I get home tonight. Then I want to review it and be reminded of things I may have forgotten I loved. I know The Simpsons are on the list and will never leave. Hard to believe that show has been around for so long. But it’s a little slice of awesome. I am really looking forward to the Twilight spoof on the next Treehouse of Horror.

Anyway, in my attempt to think more positively, I’m going to surround myself with positive things, my favorite things. Today, French fries are my favorite.

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