Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebrity (boyband) worship

I posted this over on LiveJournal. I'm too lazy to come up with anything new.

First, background. A couple weeks ago, I wrote my best friend a letter (because she lives far, far away in South Dakota) and in it I examined how her life is such a constant compared to mine. Not that she doesn't try new things, but that she's consistent about it. She does the gardening, outdoorsy type stuff. While my hobbies are more scatterbrained, like me. A while back, I got into crafts. Then I moved into books. I go at it all gung ho for a while and then it tapers off. I don't quit completely, but I guess I find something else to hold my interest for a while. The one thing I always go back to is writing. It's always been there. Which is awesome. But when I die, somebody is going to be completely overwhelmed with the number of journals and notebooks and scraps of paper I have accumulated.

Last night, I went in search of something in my upstairs. It's a finished attic, I guess. Do you call them vaulted ceilings? The slanty ones? That's what we have and I hate it because it makes digging for things a pain. Anyway, I was in search of my New Kids on the Block memorobilia. This is my latest "hobby," I guess. I follow all the members of NKOTB on Twitter. I got word of the NKOTBSB thing. I did a little research online. I was having a really bad day one day last week and I went ahead and joined the fan club and bought a couple presale tickets for the show in Chicago. Because I felt like it. So now I'm totally back in the boyband phase. Like a twelve year old girl. Because that's about what I was when NKOTB was popular. Fifth grade? Sixth grade? Somewhere in there. Anyway, I'm listening to their greatest hits today. I don't even remember buying it on CD, but I did. I put it on my MP3 player last night and have been listening ever since. I have all the books and pins (I put one on the bag I carry with me everywhere) and Joey dolls. It's sad really. But it's funny that I kept it all. I have a stash of NSYNC stuff somewhere too. But I saw them in concert like four times. I never got to see NKOTB. That's why this is so cool.

It hasn't reached the unhealthy point. Yet. I'm still a full functioning adult, wife, mother, etc.

But...my point...in my search for that stuff last night, I came across this little stash of paper. I had a couple letters from a foreign exchange student from Mexico, other letters from friends. Then I hit the jackpot. I found an envelope with pictures I had clipped out of magazines (was it Tiger Beat? Teen Beat? What were those magazines called?!). Christian Slater, Christian Bale, that other kid from Newsies, Edward Furlong, Ethan Embry (back when his last name was Randall), the Three NInjas, so on and so forth. I had a fan club thing from Brian Austin Green and an autographed picture of Jonathan Brandis (who committed suicide! how devastating!). I have a picture of BSB from 1995 (if the copyright date on the back of the ad is the year I found the picture). Crazy.

The best part was my notes. I wrote down song lyrics and titles. Songs I would never have remembered. I wrote little poems. I wrote little journal entries when I was bored on whatever scrap of paper I could find. THEN, then I found the missing link. Cowboys and Angels. A story I started writing a long ass time ago. There was one part of the end of the story that I hated ever since I wrote it. This was going to be the novel I got published. But when I realized I couldn't fix that ending, I gave up and found something better. I may have found the key to writing a better ending. I can't tell you how excited that made me. So today I brought the story with me. There will have to be a lot of editing to get this to work, but I think I can do it. Maybe this is what I need to get this done.

And I have NKOTB to thank.

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