Thursday, December 2, 2010


This whole publishing game is a mystery to me. The processes you follow, the steps you take. It's like a puzzle and you have to get the pieces to fit in order to "win." I'm not even sure how I first discovered you need to start with a literary agent. But even the process leading up to that search boggles my mind.

I read a lot of articles and blogs about becoming a better writer, how to write a better novel, so on and so forth. Maybe I read too much. Maybe that's the problem. I need to stop reading about how to do it and just read the books that are already published. Because that's how it gets done.

For the most part, I read all this and I'm left feeling really confused. I know you can't put the pen to the paper and expect fantastic results the first time around. But all the "rules" that are thrown around. I guess the one I struggle with the most is show vs. tell. Because I think I tell. I've seen all this stuff telling you not to do it and not enough on how to fix it.

This is when I get frustrated and discouraged. I think to myself that writing is supposed to be fun. I've always done it because I enjoy it. When it's not fun anymore, I want to quit. But if I want to get published, I can't quit. So...what's a wannabe writer to do?!

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