Monday, March 14, 2011

My Name is Beth and I Have a Problem

It's not really a problem. It's a good thing...unless you are my bank account. Then it's very, very bad. What is my problem, you ask?

Book buying.

I'm addicted to books.

See? That's not so bad. There are a lot worse things to be addicted to, like shoes. Or handbags. Well, that's another post. Let's just stick to books for now.

I've always enjoyed reading. I've always had bookshelves. But when I joined GoodReads just over a year ago, things started to get out of hand. I started knowing when books were going to be released, and I HAD to have them. I never used to like hardcover books because they were more expensive. But now, I don't even care. For one thing, it seems like YA books are always cheaper, which is awesome. Even hardcovers.

But do I know when to stop? Or at least slow down? Because I'm running out of books shelves? My house is full of shelves! Because my bank account is draining? That's why I work! So I can buy things I enjoy! After I take care of my family and household needs, of course.

How about the fact that I'll never be able to read the books I already have in my lifetime?

Yeah, that might be a problem.

I'm a slow reader. I work 40+ hours a week and have two small children that still require a lot of attention. Plus, I'm trying to write my own book. So that takes up a lot of time. Oh, and there's my husband too. He requires time and attention too...

So I'm here today to put this in writing (because that often helps one stick to something better than just declaring it to oneself). I will not buy any more books until I get caught up on the books I have.


Can I do it? Really? Probably not. But I have a lot of seriously good books that I need to finish! And what about all the book orders my son brings home from school? I can't deny him that (and I won't, because I'm not talking about picture books! Ha ha! Loop holes!)!

So, I will at least try to restrain myself. No more lunch time trips to Borders (which isn't hard because it's still a crappy store, even if it is all I have). No more browsing the online stores. For now, I will have to be satisfied with marking all the books I want to read on GoodReads. I'll buy them when they come out in paperback next year.

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