Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sharpie Pens and Craft Supplies

In addition to my book buying "problem" I should also add Sharpie pens (or office supplies in general) and craft supplies. I promise I'm not a hoarder or anything. Yet. It might develop into a real sickness and I'll be buried alive by a pile of notebooks. But I could write a memoir to stay alive. Because that's why I have so many pens and notebooks. I like to write the old fashioned way. Pen to paper. I don't know. It's probably not the best way to do it anymore, but it works for me for several reasons.

1) When I do sit down to type it into the computer, I can do a round of edits.
2) I don't have a laptop and a notebook is portable.
3) notebooks are prettier than laptops

And that leads into the crafting obsession. Before I was on the 'I want to getpublished' kick, I spent a lot of time reading craft blogs. I don't remember how I got started, but I picked up on a few easy ideas. I've done some neat projects, nothing super complicated. But then I started buying scrapbook paper and making my own pretty notebooks and journals. I make notepads and just about anything you can think of with magnets. So I've found a way to tie my loves together.

It will be a long time before I run out of paper to write on. Can a person make their own ink? I don't know how far theSharpies will carry me.

*Note...this was typed on the tiny iPhone, so please excuse my mistakes*

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