Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Just Gonna Say It...

I've always enjoyed a good ghost story. When I was younger, I read "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" and the creepy RL Stine and Christopher Pike books. Honest to goodness, I'd probably be completely freaked out if I were to reread them today. I've gotten wussier with old age (though I've NEVER been a fan of scary movies), but that really doesn't have anything to do with what I'm trying to say.

I'm confused by what "paranormal" means anymore when it comes to books. Because, to me, "paranormal" was always ghosts. Maybe it's changed because of the expansion of/desire for the genre? The whole vamp/werewolf thing just needs to go away. I'm so over that. I can't even hardly look at those books anymore (please don't look at my Goodreads list and judge me because I mark A LOT of books to read).

Maybe my strong desire to write a good contemporary fiction has fueled my sudden dislike. Because I read Twilight (and I liked it...most of it) and I read Shiver (I couldn't get into Linger, though). What else qualifies as paranormal? How does fantasy and dystopian fit in? I've tried to read The Hunger Games. I couldn't get into that. I really disliked Matched, so did I pick the wrong dystopian to start with?

The whole genre thing is just confusing anyway. Is women's fiction the new term for "chick lit"? Or is it something all together different? I've gotten a headache just thinking about it. I think I'm going to go lay down now.

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  1. I LOVED Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine growing up, those books were my jam! Now that I'm adult and all "literary minded" my favorite books of scary stories are "Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination" by Edogawa Rampo and a favorite from childhood that still holds current, Roald Dahl's "Book of Ghost Stories"