Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Thursday

So remember my big book buying ban? Completely out the window. It took me a week to admit to it, though. I bought three books at Borders. The saddest part? I can't even remember which three books I bought. Wait. I know one of them was Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt (look at that! I figured out how to link!). I had a signed bookplate from her. What's the point of having one if you don't have the book? Plus, I had a coupon from Borders. And I'd like to keep them in business, since it is the only book store in the area.

See? Totally justified.

Do I even get into the $40 book order I submitted to my kid's teacher? I think I said I wouldn't stop buying books for the kids. Because kids can never have too many books. No matter what The Farmers says. They need something for their Easter baskets!

In other news, I got comments back from my CP on my current WIP that I would really love to finish within the next couple months. I don't know if it was her comments or my complete lack of sanity, but I started another rewrite on the beginning. It will change the rest of the story, but the meat of it will still work. I think. I hope. We'll see. If not, I'll scrap it and go back to the old version. Because I can!

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