Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Wednesday

I'm supposed to be working on customer refunds. For the record, this is probably my least favorite part of my job. Right above making collection calls. It's a tedious process that takes too long.

Anyway, we survived the road trip to South Dakota. I got no writing done, but I did a lot of brainstorming. Mostly because I drove the whole freaking time. So I had the idea to restart my current WIP again (for the seventeenth time, probably). But I typed out a paragraph yesterday and I knew it wouldn't work. So I saved it for a flashback or some random piece later on.

I did come up with at least one good idea. And I rewrote a scene yesterday. A kissing scene. A first kissing scene. In the rain. I hope it works. My kissing scenes need work, so I think I did pretty good with this one.

Then I was thinking about how this story came together in the first place. It was a lot of scenes written at random times, in different notebooks. The hard was going back and putting it all together. Now the harder part is revising it. Because I wanted to change it up. I had my character all figured out, sort of. So now I'm making her more definite. Hopefully it works.

And now, random SD pictures...because I can...

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