Friday, May 20, 2011


I need help. I'm stuck.

My current WIP is about a girl on a road trip with a boy. Very general :-) My problem is that I've changed the story since the idea first hit me and I don't know if my MC has the motivation for the trip that she had at first. So if the MC has no motivation for being there, that kinda defeats the purpose of the story, right?

At first, she wanted to leave home because her parents were never around and it was a cry for attention, basically.

Now the MC is a popular over-achiever with great parents who encourage the trip. So it's more of an escape/life experience kind of thing before she goes to college. But, that's sort of what college is about, so why go to the trouble of the road trip beforehand?

I've got it written in to the story that MC found a photo album of trips her parents took before she was born and she used that as a base. Also, the idea came to her after her BFF moved away and then fell off the face of the planet. I don't think that's quite enough, though. it feasible to have no motivation whatsoever for a trip? She just wanted to get out and see the country (it's a US cross country sort of trip)? That doesn't seem like much fun.

Should I throw in some off the wall reason? Like escaping a stalker or a boyfriend she doesn't want? That seems like a cop-out.

I'm going to try and do some character and plot worksheets (Check out the helpful revision process detailed by Susan Dennard on her blog) to see if I can come up with a solution, but I wanted to put the question out there to see if anyone had an opinion.

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