Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Twitter Guidelines

I'm still a novice when it comes to Twitter. I putter around a little and tweet irrelevant things. Much like what I write here. But I like to keep up with what people are doing. I like to see pictures. I like to hear about people's lives. Which is why I've come up with the list of examples as to why I will unfollow you without thinking twice (I know there are thousands of people out there who will read this because *my* opinion matters so much to them. ha!)

1- I unfollowed an author because all her tweets were centered around praise of her book. She only retweeted all the wonderful reviews and glowing things people said about the book. I did not like the book so much, so UNFOLLOW.

2- I unfollowed another author because I didn't like her book. I read a few pages or a couple chapters or whatever it was and had to put it down. To me, it seemed to be "just another Twilight knockoff", only it was a werewolf book. UNFOLLOW.

3- Last example. I unfollowed an author because apparently she thought she could bank on only releasing one book. Isn't there a "rule" out there that says when you're shopping your book, you're supposed to be writing the next one? Apparently, she didn't get that. So she tweeted a lot of melancholy crap about writing while still milking the first book (which I loved, by the way). UNFOLLOW.

I've decided I need to be more selective about who I follow. I waste a lot of time on Twitter. A lot of that time is spent filtering through the crap to find the good stuff. But like I said, I'm a novice. So maybe I'm going about it the wrong way? I like to read about people lives. I don't like to click links, unless there's a good description of what's there (hard to do with only 140 characters). Don't only tweet links to your blog. Don't only tweet about writing. If that's your whole life, I think you're doing it wrong.

And yes, I do follow all the agents/publishers/editor-type people I can find because I'm sure one of these days I will stumble upon the magic formula that will allow me to write a hundred best sellers.

So, what's your Twitter formula? Am I doing it wrong?

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  1. I waste a TON of time on Twitter and am also starting to realize I need to unfollow more. That said, I do feel sort of cool when an author I follow and really admire actually follows me back. On an almost totally unrelated note, gave you an award on my blog today! Happy Friday!