Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crafty Feature

It used to be that I only blogged about my life. Which was really pretty boring. Then I tried to be a crafty blogger. That didn't last long either. Now I just (barely) blog about writing. BUT, I have my Etsy shop and try to be crafty as much as I can.

**shameless plug** VISIT MY ETSY SHOP HERE...PLEASE?

Anyway, Kitty bought one of my notepad kits and featured a nice tutorial on her blog, here. Please do check it out. She looks to be a lot more crafty than me. Plus, she's in law school and still has time to blog about her craftiness. So what's my excuse?!

Since I don't know how to link to a download, comment on this post if you'd like to receive a template to print your own notepads!

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