Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Questions - Playlists and Character Names

This is one of those times when I know I should write a real post. But it's after nine and I'm tired. So I'm cheating with a random question post.

Do you make a playlist while writing?

If yes, do you add songs that only reflect on the story? Or do you add songs that help you write? Or both?

My NaNovel is about kids on the farm. One of the songs on my playlist is Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean. Also, Crush on You by The Jets. That one shows my age :-) But you will also find no less than two songs by Jimmy Eat World because they are the BEST. BAND. EVER.

Now, on names...do you pick random names that mean nothing? Do you use baby name web sites? People you know in passing? I find the email address list at work to be very helpful. In the novel I'm currently editing, there is a country band. One of the members is named Mare. She knows who she is :-)

So...thoughts? Opinions? Names and songs! Go!