Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Writing and Revising

I've been working really hard to finish my NaNovel. By that I mean, of course, sneaking my notebook onto my desk at work for a fifteen minute scribble session. Or taking my notebook to bed, where I usually end up watching whatever cop show The Farmer is watching, instead of writing. The other night it was Hawaii 5-0. But who can resist that hotness?

Anyway, the point is that my goal was to finish this before I started revising my other book. Again.

So it goes back to that self-sabatoge thing that I'm pretty sure I've posted about before. (I should probably go back and link to that post, but I'm lazy) I'm taking my time writing so I don't have to revise. BECAUSE IT'S SCARY!! I know my writing isn't perfect and I welcome the comments and critiques I've gotten. But going back to the story and getting back into the heads of the characters is kind of overwhelming. But I'm going to do it and love it because some day I hope to be able to share the story with the world :-)

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