Monday, April 16, 2012

The Voice

This is one of those totally random, obligatory posts because I haven't posted in a while.

So...The Voice. Who's watching? Anyone? I didn't watch last season. But I knew I would be this time around as soon as I found out Tony Lucca would be on it. Now I'm about to go all fangirl on you.

I was a Tony Lucca fan before it was cool. We're talking pre-Justin/Britney/Christina MMC. We're talking when MMC released an album. Which I have. Who would love to see Tony break out in a new rendition of "Cool Love" on the show? This girl, that's who :-) I also have several of the albums Tony released in the last few years (but I don't think I have all of them...bad fangirl!).

When he did his live audition the other night, I didn't even see it. I automatically voted for him. And downloaded the song. Because, hello, I'm also a John Cusack fan and "Your Eyes" will forever be associated with the second best 80's movie ever made (Say Anything, for those of you who I will unfriend later).

Which brings me to my point, how do you get on The Voice? Obviously you can kinda already be somebody? You can have a fan base, which Tony does. Because I read a review somewhere that said his performance wasn't that great, but his fan base got him voted through. I don't remember which girl it was, but I saw she already had music on iTunes too. So does anybody know the rules? What gets you on The Voice? Or doesn't get you on?

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