Friday, August 2, 2013

How I Spent My Maternity Leave

This is my third go-round with an infant. I am, by no means, an expert. But a lot of people have told me...and I've decided I agree...that by the third one, you're much more relaxed. So, at first, I did the "sleep while the baby sleeps" thing. Then reality set in. There was still laundry and dishes and all the other stuff that wouldn't get done if I didn't do it. 

Now I'm back to being a little more relaxed. I spend way too much time on the internet. I spent way too much money online shopping. Which I really need to stop because these last few weeks are unpaid. 

I watched the first six seasons of PSYCH. If you've never watched this show, you need to do it now. So funny. Dule Hill and James Roday are the best. I downloaded season seven yesterday, but I'm not looking forward to the break-up of Shules.

And even though I've watched them all more than twice already, I started THE SIMPSONS. I'm in the middle of season ten, I think. I started with season 3, though. My kids watch these with me and can quote them as well as I can.

As a Kickstarter backer of the Veronica Mars movie, I felt it was my duty to rewatch that also. I don't think I'm going to make it through all three seasons before I go back to work, but I should at least have them watched before the movie comes out. I'm almost done with season one now. I forgot how kind of annoying the Lily Cane storyline was. There's so much repetition. I guess they had to do that to drag it out for the whole season.

There have also been countless movies and a newfound love of Hoda Kotb (but not Kathie Lee). I even found time to take up walking. I try to do it every day, but...meh. I managed to get back down to my pre-baby weight, so I'm happy with that. I would be happier if I could lose about ten more pounds. That won't happen as long as I continue to survive on Poptarts, pizza rolls and Heath pieces. But what are you going to do?

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