Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On Blogging

Do people even read blogs anymore? I stopped a long time ago. Now that Google Reader is gone, I don't know how I'd even go about starting back up. There were a few that offered mailing list sign ups, but is that the same thing? 

I don't know how I got drawn into some of the blogs I read. But I can tell you exactly why I stopped. Because I got tired of the same thing. One was a lot of "look at how perfect my life looks on my blog, but remember I'm really a normal person and my life isn't perfect but I'm going to keep on presenting it that way." Maybe I was just jealous of all the perfection.

Then there's another one that I'm thisclose to quitting because I can't handle all the sappy posts about parenting. I'm happy that you just had a baby and all, because I did too ( it's like a club for cool kids), but your hormones must still be out of whack. Nobody can feel that much love ALL the time. Again, maybe it's the perfection thing.

Life is not perfect. Don't try to paint a picture of it that alienates your readers.

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