Monday, January 20, 2014

Sleepy Hollow

Okay, so I'm a terribly big baby when it comes to anything remotely scary. But Sleepy Hollow looked like a really, really good show and I wanted to watch it. Unfortunately, due to parenting responsibilities, life in general, and how easy it is for me to freak myself out, I only watched a handful of episodes. 

Despite that, I was determined to watch the finale tonight. I missed the last fifteen minutes, but whatever. Somehow I doubt that the online recaps grasped the full a awesomeness of it all.

Here are some of my random thoughts. I went back to Twitter today. Various reasons why I haven't been there in a while, and various reasons why I went back today. But I enjoy the fandom behind Sleepy Hollow. I like reading all the interest in why or why not Abbie and Ichabod should be together. It's fun.

Here's why I think they shouldn't hook up. First of all, he's still too devoted to Katrina. Though I'm not sure why. But it's only the first season. You can't make something like that happen that quickly. Especially given the time that Crane comes from. Divorce wasn't a thing back then. True love was.

I think shows are more enjoyable when you ship and ship two characters so hard and it takes them a while to make it happen. Because the show is built around that almost but not quite dynamic, it loses a lot of the magic when IT finally happens. Case in point, for me anyway, Brennan and Booth. I invested a lot of time into watching all those seasons of Bones. I got so frustrated when it was always almost and then not quite. But then it happened and it was wonderful. And then it just wasn't, but part of that was the whole Palant storyline. I hated that. And I think the phrase is stupid, but Bones totally jumped the shark when they delivered the baby in the barn. That's about the time they lost me. And yet, I keep watching.

A lot of the shows I watch are like that. Shawn and Juliet (Psych). Chuck and Sarah. Will they or won't they? It makes for great tv. 

But there is something completely satisfying when it does happen. 

So what are your thoughts? Make it happen? Or draw it out? This applies to books too! Though with books, it seems like they get accused of "insta-love" more than tv.

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