Friday, February 28, 2014

Because...Why Not?

Okay, so this is day 3 of being unemployed.  I went ahead and signed up for unemployment right away. Because...why not?  I don't know how it is in other states, but in Illinois, they actually have a job search website. They set you up with log in information and encourage you to upload a resume and all that as soon as your unemployment application is done.  Which is really helpful because you have to prove that you're looking for work while your drawing unemployment. question to people of the US is this...why are you saying there are no jobs?  I realize it's probably a little different in the "big city" or in different states or areas or whatever.  But around here, there are jobs.

I think people are too picky. I mean, if you need a, really need a job, then what is so wrong with taking a job outside of your comfort zone?  I applied for a bakery job at Panera.  Because...why not? I'm considering applying for a part-time seasonal job at Lowe's. It's in the garden area, so I would get to be outside and around plants and flowers all day.  What's so wrong with that?  If I got desperate, I would consider applying for a job at Pizza Hut.  Because...why not?

So what if I have a college degree?  I have a bachelors degree in agriculture.  For the last almost eleven years, I worked in the credit department of a company that manufactures broadcast equipment.  Absolutely nothing to do with agriculture (the Lowe's job would be close...horticulture is an off-shoot of ag).

Maybe I'm disillusioned by the whole job market/search.  I know I am, actually. I think it will be easy.  I know it won't be, though. Because supposedly, there are a hundred other people gunning for the same job.  But maybe not.  Am I wrong in thinking that people are hyper-focused on getting a job in the area they know?  Or what their degree is in?  I realize that's kind of the whole point of going to college and getting the degree in the first place.  But if the job market is THAT BAD, what's wrong with settling?  How do you know deep down that you really, really want to do something in that field anyway?

Again, maybe it's just me.  I settled.  My dream job is to be an author.  Granted, the last novel I finished is a a contemporary YA set on a farm, I don't think that counts.  So why didn't I major in English?  Because it didn't seem plausible at the time.  Back then, I didn't think writing was a lucrative career.  Publishing is a different ballgame now, though.  Anybody can publish, thanks to e-books and self-publishing.  So why don't I do that?  Because I'm a big dreamer.  I want the lit agent and the BIG BOOK DEAL. The whole shebang. Go big or go home kind of stuff.

So why would I settle for a measly part-time job at a fast food joint?  Because why not?  How do you know that wouldn't be the most satisfying thing you've ever done?  So what if you've got the fancy degree in marketing or some crap?  If you need a job that badly, why not take what's available?

Am I thinking about this the wrong way?  Do I have some kind of warped view of the world?  Probably.

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