Thursday, April 3, 2014

For Real This Time

People do it every day.  

I've talked about it.

I've dreamt about it.

I've got all the time in the world now.  So why don't I just do it?

Fear, people.  Fear is what holds me back. Which is a really lame ass excuse.

But I'm going to do it.  I'm going to get this writing thing going. For real this time.

There are a lot of crap books out there.  I don't think mine is crap. So why shouldn't it be out there? Why should I hold back? Just let it out into the world and let it be.  Whatever happens happens. Right? Give me a second and I'll come up with a few more cliches. 

For real, though. I created my "author page" on Facebook today.  It's actually more of a page for the blog, but they are tied together.  And if the author thing doesn't work, I'll still have the blog to fall back on.  Maybe I'll actually post things related to being a farmer's wife. There's a niche for that, you know. Based on the number of people on Instagram I follow with "farm" or "farm wife" or some other variation of it in their username, there aren't plenty of farm blogs out there. I don't know why I chose farmerswife3404 as my online presence. But it stuck. And it's actually kind of nice to have the blog title that I do. Because as long as I'm writing SOMETHING, it fits.  Right?

Anyway, so I set up the Facebook page. And TAKE A LITTLE RIDE is still active on SwoonReads. If you would like to read it, you can do so <a href=">HERE</a>.  I would appreciate any feedback anyone has.  Because they base their choices for publication on ratings and comments.  Which is kind of a sucky deal if you can't get a lot of either one and you have a really great novel. It would probably help if I read other people's manuscripts too. 

That's just another thing that I plan to start doing.  Writing is first, obviously.  Reading is next.  Because you can't be a writer if you aren't a reader too.  That's just common sense.

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