Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Enough Already

So I thought I posted this already. Turns out, it was only a draft. And because I know you are dying to know what I think, here you go.


You know, the insanely popular Disney movie?

Well, being unemployed has given me plenty of time to watch it. Repeatedly. Having children causes that. Just plain enjoying the movie myself is also partly to blame. So sue me. But at this point, we're talking MAJOR burnout. Like whoa. So I made this list of observations/questions/things kids don't care about but adults see in kids movies.

WARNING: SPOILERS! As if you haven't seen it! Psh!

If the beginning takes place in the middle of the night, why are the king and queen fully dressed?

Can you imagine the reclusive weirdo Elsa would've become if her parents hadn't died?

Am I wrong to assume that Kristoff saw the whole exchange between the king and the troll? Wouldn't he know about Elsa's power? And wouldn't he know the troll can't fix Anna's heart later on?

Anna is obviously the favorite. The way they hug her and look at her when they are getting ready to leave. The parents don't even try to hug Elsa before they leave. Though, based on the previous scene, she might still not want people to touch her.

Why does Hans have a horse when everyone else came in on foot?

Why would Hans charge Elsa with treason and not murder? 

How does Olaf start the fire so easily? Wouldn't the wood still be wet?

If there's a violent, raging snowstorm, why are all those foreign dignitary guys standing outside (when it stops suddenly)?

IMDB mentions that Hans isn't wearing a sheath for his sword, but you hear the noise of him removing it. Couldn't it be under his coat?

Did Elsa know they were standing above a sunken ship? Or were they just really lucky when she started to melt everything?

What happened to the horse Hans rode in on?

And did Hans come into town with his evil plot? Or did he hatch it after he met Anna?

Even though all the people seem happy, don't they also seem terrified of Elsa? Like at any moment, she could freeze everything again?

So, what do you think? Am I crazy?

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