Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Going Granola Part 2

I may be highly suggestible, but I'm also fickle.  The no poo thing really isn't working for me and I'm ready to chuck it.  Which really kind of sucks because I was hoping it would work out.

Here are my problems.  First, I switched from the baking soda paste method to the BS rinse method. I don't think it made any difference. My hair felt dry and gross. I should probably try to tweak the formula a little bit, but I'm not sure I have the patience. I've also read that hard water can affect the results. And since we have hard water...it might make the transition a little harder. PS I made the rinse with distilled water, just to be safe. I don't know why that would matter, since I still used the hard water in the shower. But whatever.

I will mention that I think the ACV rinse seemed to work well. I first used straight ACV, because I didn't read my notes. I thought, as a conditioner, it was pretty good. If you can get past the smell. When I used the diluted version, it didn't work as well with tangles (I have super thick hair), so I was disappointed. But again, it depends on how well you can stomach the smell.

So...I'm probably just going to give up without really giving it a good try. That's how I roll sometimes. Sorry.  But I am moving on to a new venture...and I'm super late to the party with this one...essential oils. They've been around for...what? Forever? And they are the new fad. So up on the bandwagon I go. I have used some already for cleaning purposes. But I didn't realize they could be so much more. So I'm excited to start learning more about what they can do and trying them out.

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