Monday, August 11, 2014

Here I Am

This place has always held a little bit of magic for me. Something about the creaking of the docks and the water. At night, it's so peaceful.

I used to come here when I was younger. My aunt and uncle brought my cousin and I to babysit our 2 younger cousins (who, by the way, are both over drinking age I am officially old). One of the first longer stories I ever wrote was based down here. So it's always held a special place in my heart.

When my brother and his wife got married, we did a bachelorette weekend here. When The Farmer's sister got married, I suggested a weekend down here. Fun was had by all. That was several years ago. But here I am again. I'm not sure it's as magical as I remember. Maybe it's because I'm traveling with my kids this time and that's never easy. Though, in all fairness, they did really well on the car ride down. Maybe next time I should take a vacation by myself. How cool would that be? I could sit on the deck and write and then crochet. And then get some sun.

Most people come here for the water and the boating. I come for the nostalgia.

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