Monday, November 24, 2014


NaNoWriMo is getting down to the wire and I've decided to call it quits. I hit the wall just shy of 30K. But I feel like I have a good reason for quitting. In the past, it was always life that got in the way. Work, kids, life in general.

This year, though, it's the story. Which I guess is just me? Either way, I am a pantser, as I've said before. But I usually have a general idea of where the story *should* go. This year, the story kind of took on a mind of its own. It focused too much on what should have been a minor point and not enough on the main point. That was the romance, in case you were wondering. I'm just not happy with what was happening. So I'm quitting. Which isn't the answer! Usually! But in this case, I felt like it was. 

My heart just wasn't in it like it should have been. I was keeping up because I had time, which was great. The words were flowing. Then all of the sudden, they weren't. Because it wasn't working anymore. The story headed a different direction. There's no one to blame but me and I take full responsibility. 

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