Friday, January 2, 2015

It's a New Year

It doesn't really mean anything that it's a new year. "New" goals. "New" promises that you make to yourself and never follow through on. Whatever. I made some resolutions. So far, after day 2, I haven't had very good luck. But the new year is about change or some junk, right? So I've got the next few months to figure it out.

One thing I want to do is write every day. I might have better luck if I go back to the daily plan I used back when I was working. I scheduled all my evening hours with the things I needed to accomplish (like feeding the family and going to sleep), but I also worked in time to write. I stuck to it. For a while. I need to make myself more accountable. I need to have clearer goals, I think. 

With that in mind, I took a little Moleskine cahier notebook that I had lying around and I titled it 2015. I wrote down some inspirational words like that Brad Paisley quote that's been floating around and some lines from TWLOHA "Welcome to Midnight" blog post. I wrote down some goals. And I'm going to write one thing from every day. It's supposed to be something good, but we'll see what happens. In high school, I did the gratitude journal where I wrote 3 things I was grateful for every day. I'd hate to even read it now :-)

Anyway, back to writing. I started something new. And I went all in for at least a week. I've since petered out a bit, but hope is not lost. And I've even incorporated some of my ideas and concepts from the abandoned NaNoWriMo post. So it wasn't a total waste of time. Hopefully this new thing won't be, either. I think it's pretty good, so far. 

I'm one of those people that's influenced a lot by my dreams at night. I've gotten a lot of ideas and inspiration that way. This one came about when I dreamt of a guy from high school. It's the same guy that inspired the original idea for RURAL ROUTE. Even if it turned into a completely different story. That sometimes happens.

So, in conclusion, here's to 2015. Here's to accomplishing goals and getting shit done. Finally.

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