Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Because It's Been a While...

I was thinking of a post earlier this morning. And of course, I've already forgotten it. This is normal for me anyway, but now I can attribute it to pregnancy brain. Yes, again. I started a new job and then found out I was pregnant. They love me. Especially since baby is due around harvest time and I work at a grain elevator.

Something funny happened with this one, though. Not that I don't feel it's big news, but I just don't feel like sharing it. I mean, I don't normally announce it in the middle of a conversation or anything. It's pretty obvious now, so I think I'm past the point of people looking at me and thinking "Is she pregnant or just getting fat?" But the one thing I didn't do was a big Facebook announcement. I think I'm just over it. Yesterday was #3's birthday, so I posted a picture with the caption "This little nugget is 2 today. Guess it's time for another one" with a winky smily emoji. The people who need to know already know. There are a few people who know and have said absolutely nothing about it to me. So why put it out there for a bunch of people who really don't care anyway?

So there.

In other news, I'm still writing. Not every day. But it's progressing. I get really motivated when I get a new comment on TAKE A LITTLE RIDE over Swoon Reads. It's really encouraging that people are still reading it and liking it. I think at this point there's probably no hope of it being published by them, but that's okay. The sequel could stand alone, I think. If I ever finish it. Which I hope to. Someday :-)

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