Monday, July 20, 2015

Hormonal Rant

I keep telling myself that I would feel this way even if I wasn't pregnant and hormonal and tired and irritable...but I guess we'll never know, will we? So here goes.

I'm over the internet. Which is funny since I'm posting this on the internet, right? I mean, generally, the internet is a good place. I can buy ALL THE THINGS without leaving my house. That's super convenient since I spend most of my time in the middle of nowhere with no access to any stores. I guess my issue lately has been with social media. It's just annoying. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong. No. It's everyone else that's doing it wrong. I don't Twitter like I used to, and yet I can still get at least 1 new follower a week. Which only leads me to believe that most people aren't following ME. They are following me to get a follower back. And I'm on Tumblr about as much...but I've always kind of heard that that is the place to be. So maybe I need to get back on the bandwagon.

As if you had to guess, it's Facebook that's giving me trouble. Every day I reminded of just how stupid people can be. Isn't that an awful thing to say? But I remember when Facebook was people posting updates of how they were doing and posting pictures of their kids/dogs/cats/cars. Whatever. Now...I can't even get on Facebook without feeling like I'm losing IQ points. So just stay off of it, right? Well, some people do still post real stuff. If I can weed out the crap, I get some good stuff. I just get really tired of all the political rants and religious opinions and the "post this picture of money to get money sent your way" and share this for a free Disney vacation, even though it's OBVIOUSLY not the real Disney site that posted it. I want to create one of those fake pages and post some phony giveaway just to see how many idiots will share it.

Yeah, I can tell this is getting mainly into hormonal rant territory. But it's based on real irritation. I promise.

I guess the easiest thing to do would just be to unfollow/unfriend every person or page that posts something annoying. But that brings me back to the point of just getting away from it all together. Plus, I'm kind of a nosy person and I like to keep tabs on keep up with some people. In some cases, Facebook is the only contact I have with certain people. That's a sad state of life, really. But that is life. People might have email, but they don't check it nearly as often as they check Facebook. If I can contact someone on Facebook and not have to make a phone call, even better. Because who wants to make a phone call?! That's end of the world stuff there.

So...yeah...I just need to get over it, right? Get off Facebook for a while? Take a vacation from the internet all together? Probably wouldn't hurt.

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