Saturday, December 19, 2015


Sometimes it's nice to get caught up in reading old material. Something you've written and let go of. Sometimes those things are just ideas. I keep track of mine in different ways, but most recently I started using Evernote. It's handy because you can sync between devices. So you can grab whatever happens to be nearby at 2 in the morning after the baby gets up to eat and you are wide awake and catch up on old ideas when you need some inspiration.

Another thing it's good for is rekindling my love for something I started and abandoned. I use Evernote to write out scenes or jot down a direction I want a story to go.

A lot of times, I forget things I write down. I've always thought that because I keep a journal, my brain is freed up for new information. Or that's just a really good excuse to be forgetful. How am I supposed to remember how much my kids weighed when they were born? That's why they have baby books. I wrote it down so I would remember it.

Maybe that's why I write anything I write. I don't care if I ever get published, even though it would be nice. I just want to be able to remember the story I had to tell.

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