Thursday, April 25, 2019


A little late, but here are the March questions

1. The funniest thing you heard today...
Probably something Ellie said

2. If you could have a new talent, what would you want?
the ability to draw

3. Who is your best friend but not your spouse?

4. What do you wish you had left unsaid?
that’s a hard one

5. What was the first thing you ate or drank today?

6. Are you saving or spending?

7. On a scale of 1-10, how clean is your home?

8. What is the last song you listened to?
23 by Jimmy Eat World

9. What relaxes you?
being alone

10. What is the most valuable thing you own?
Grandma’s bird book

11. What did you find inspiring today?

12. Are you happy?

13. How much me time did you take today?

14. List three things you have faith in.
people sucking, the river rising, and Robbie always being late

15. Who is the last person you said I love you to?

16. Did you seize any opportunities?
probably not

17. Where did you go today?

18. What advice were you given?
None that I can think of

19. Today was...
not bad. Kind of long and boring

20. What were you glad you did today?
I sat outside at lunch

21. When was your last vacation? Where did you go?
As a family, 2016, I think. Lake of the Ozarks

22. The greatest wisdom comes from...
experiencing life

23. Who is your hero?
Grandma Rossmiller

24. Why?
because she was awesome

25. If you could have read one person’s mind today, who would you chose?

26. What was the easiest thing about today?
leaving work

27. Did you thank anyone today?

28. Did you work hard today?
not really

29. What was in your mailbox today?
bills and junk

30. Today was a complete...
waste of sunshine

31. What are you seeking?

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